7 FREE SEO Tools to improve your website rating

If you have been in the SEO industry to even a day, you will know that there is a very important thing for websites known as web ranking. This is the position your site takes in search engines. It is an important thing for any site owner and every site owner is seeking strategies on how to improve or maintain high web rating. Here are some of the most common tools that you will find very useful in improving your web rating7 SEO tools.

1. Google AdWords/keyword tool: These are tools, which will help in determining which the most appropriate keyword for your site is. By the way, you should know that once you have designed a website and optimized it with the right keywords, it wouldn’t service you into the long-term. Keywords change and you can t afford to sit back and relax as if it is all done. Keywords change and the one in your site might have lost prominence. Google Adwords as well as keyword tool will help you determine which keywords are trending.

2. SEO for Firefox toolbar: This powerful tool comes in handy for Firefox browser users. It is integrated with Google and it will show the PR of a page that you search on Google. In addition to PR, it will also give the page links, twitter mentions…etc.

3. Google trends: this is the right tool if you need to stay on top of keywords. It is a tool that will help your site rating by showing you what people are searching for and the terms they are using to make the search, and also how many times the term is used.

4. Rank checker: this is the tool you need for continuous check on how your site ranks in search engines. What specific does this tool offer in improving site rating? It will generate keyword-ranking reports on a daily basis, a usual strategy for continued optimization.

5. Copyscape: this tool comes in handy when dealing with guest blogs. Copyscape ensures that the content going into your site is original and is not plagiarized.

6. Google alerts: Even though this is not a SEO, tool it will help improve your site rating. Google alerts will come in handy when it comes to monitoring the frequency of your keywords. When a user types the keywords in to search engines, this tool with produce reports for you on the same, and you can track your potential clients/customers.

7. SEO site checkup: is a tool that will help to improving your site rank by generating some highly useful SEO statistics. In particular, the site statistics you will get include the popular keywords, loading speed, any breakdowns…etc.
Note that the above seven tool will only generate reports on the status and health of your site. It is your responsibility to design or redesign the site in the way appropriate. This will mean you need to have the skills needed for SEO optimization. If not, you need to hire the services of a professional SEO expert.