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By Daniel Cool Star


Social media marketing for small business

Social media marketing for small business

Social media marketing has dug deeper root in business marketing. Business owners have adopted this way of marketing their businesses and it has proved to be very fruitful and significant in their efforts of growing up their businesses. Successful business owners will tell you that more than half of the population in the world is signed up to the many social sites out there. Thus, having a social media link to your business will do a business owner well by marketing his or her products and services.

Having a social media link to your business is not everything a successful small business owner has to consider. Are you having an established small business? Are you thinking of a potential business idea that could change the business image? Probably, you would be thinking of having a social media link to your business. It is one of the best ways of marketing your small business. However, you may be stuck on the choice of one best social media among the many available social sites.

You should take a keen look what your small business is offering to your customers before settling on a social site to market your business. Suppose your business is aimed at offering services to the youth or rather, you are targeting the youth, then Facebook or twitter should be top in your priority list of social media platforms. However, if you are targeting professionals then you should consider having a LinkedIn link to your small business. This is one of the many ways through which you can settle on the best social site to market your business. Conversely, you can decide to have links to all the social sites you know.

After settling on the best social sites to have links on, you should now consider getting some professional help in getting things done in the social media. Unless you have superfluous knowledge about the social media, contemplate about hiring professional expertise. You will find your business gaining popularity within a short period. This is because they have full experience on those kinds of jobs thus having a task of managing your social media platform would be a walk through to them. Suppose you are doing it by yourself then knowing how the social media operates is a mandatory. For instance, you will be prompted to know that most potential clients are online during the day and partly at night. Hence, having most of your posts during the day will do you good.

This will need that you spend pretty much of your time updating the social media about your business.


200 Ranking FACTORS in Google Seacrh

SEO itself has always been somewhat of a barrier to entry for online success. In other words, for a new person it’s so complex that it takes a long time to understand all the little things that search engines, Google specifically, are asking for. Time, capital, and energy are necessary to rank pages on the world’s most popular search engine.

Having said that, I found it necessary to compile a list of 200 ranking factors. As you’re reading it, make a list of the things you need to implement into your marketing strategy. Remember, this is all white hat and I would never recommend you participate in spammy or black hat techniques. I can tell you business owner after owner who struggled in the major updates in the past year and a half. They were toying with the dark side and Google caught onto them.

Having said that, enjoy this excellent infographic by Backlinko. 🙂



Top 10 Social media accounts tools to improve your business

For every person in any form of business the objective is to increase profits, right? Well, there are several strategies to do this and one of them is to use social media. Social media has grown to become an indispensable aspect of today’s life. For a business, the social platform presents a wealth of potential customers that no business owner can overlook. What are the various social media accounts a businessperson should have?

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The first is Tweetdeck. This tool makes use of twitter and Facebook, the two main social platforms. What does Tweetdeck bring for your business? It extends its functionality for twitter’s casual and business users. A comprehensive management tool allows a business owner to schedule tweets, monitor a number of twitter and Facebook accounts, and view profiles to understand their clients and customers.

The second is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a popular tool that utilizes a number of social platforms. It makes the management of social media effective and easy, saving time for a business owner. So, if you have an account with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+…etc, Hootsuite will help you manage them simultaneously. In addition, the tool can obtain analytic reports on the social media effort.

Third is Followerwonk. This tool is limited to twitter and with an account at Followerwonk, you are able to view the behavior of your followers. Remember, the demographics of a follow are important in offering satisfactory services, which every business seeks to achieve.

Fourth is Tweetreach. An account with Tweetreach allows you to measure the impressions a given tweet has made. If you are planning to release a new item in your business, a tweet on the same and analyzed with Tweetreach will give you a peek of the expectations.

Fifth is social Crawlytics. This tool utilizes various platforms and I like referring to is as the spy. Why? It allows you to gain insights on your competitor’s activity on social media. You can then design social media campaigns to beat them or as needed.

Sixth is Socialmention. This tool utilizes various platforms and to you businesses, it will allow you establish what people are saying about your business or other products. It relies on the user-generated comments on a conversation.

Seventh is Topsy. Topsy uses a number of social platforms including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Googleplus+, Pinterest…etc. This tool will give you real-time results of social media activity on a given query. You can therefore track you customers, brands, business and the target community.

Eight is Facebook Insights. It is limited to Facebook and you will be able to view the performance of your business Facebook page so long as you have 30 likes on it.

Ninth is Google analytics social reports. This tool integrates with websites and it will provide real-time reports on the activities concerning your businesses.

Finally yet importantly is twitter advanced search. It is limited to twitter and it will allow you determine coinsurer responses to your brand. You can therefore determine the best management strategies.

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In fact, you don’t need all these tools, once you have signed up for the various social platforms, you need an account in one of these tools so long as it will give your what you looking for.