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By Daniel Cool Star


7 FREE SEO Tools to improve your website rating

If you have been in the SEO industry to even a day, you will know that there is a very important thing for websites known as web ranking. This is the position your site takes in search engines. It is an important thing for any site owner and every site owner is seeking strategies on how to improve or maintain high web rating. Here are some of the most common tools that you will find very useful in improving your web rating7 SEO tools.

1. Google AdWords/keyword tool: These are tools, which will help in determining which the most appropriate keyword for your site is. By the way, you should know that once you have designed a website and optimized it with the right keywords, it wouldn’t service you into the long-term. Keywords change and you can t afford to sit back and relax as if it is all done. Keywords change and the one in your site might have lost prominence. Google Adwords as well as keyword tool will help you determine which keywords are trending.

2. SEO for Firefox toolbar: This powerful tool comes in handy for Firefox browser users. It is integrated with Google and it will show the PR of a page that you search on Google. In addition to PR, it will also give the page links, twitter mentions…etc.

3. Google trends: this is the right tool if you need to stay on top of keywords. It is a tool that will help your site rating by showing you what people are searching for and the terms they are using to make the search, and also how many times the term is used.

4. Rank checker: this is the tool you need for continuous check on how your site ranks in search engines. What specific does this tool offer in improving site rating? It will generate keyword-ranking reports on a daily basis, a usual strategy for continued optimization.

5. Copyscape: this tool comes in handy when dealing with guest blogs. Copyscape ensures that the content going into your site is original and is not plagiarized.

6. Google alerts: Even though this is not a SEO, tool it will help improve your site rating. Google alerts will come in handy when it comes to monitoring the frequency of your keywords. When a user types the keywords in to search engines, this tool with produce reports for you on the same, and you can track your potential clients/customers.

7. SEO site checkup: is a tool that will help to improving your site rank by generating some highly useful SEO statistics. In particular, the site statistics you will get include the popular keywords, loading speed, any breakdowns…etc.
Note that the above seven tool will only generate reports on the status and health of your site. It is your responsibility to design or redesign the site in the way appropriate. This will mean you need to have the skills needed for SEO optimization. If not, you need to hire the services of a professional SEO expert.


How to monetize your moneymaking website

Do you have a website that is an investment to you? Alternatively, do you dream of making an extra coin of your formal employment through what is typically known as work from home? If yes to any of these questions, then this is for you. You can make much more in your pajamas that you may have ever thought. If your site has a considerable amount of traffic, then you are closer to making this dream come true. Here is how you can make this dream realistic.

First, you need to build and quantify the traffic to your website. This will help you discern which type of marketing strategy to adopt. If you traffic is more specific, for example, the majority are college students, then you can adopt adverts targeting students as well as young adults. Such include beach parties, night events…etc. if your traffic is more generic, then you might face it tougher in deciding which the best advert is. How do you analyze your traffic?

There are several tools and strategies you can use; the most common are Google Analytics and Quantcast. Google analytics is considered to be the industry standard. It is free and it will give you a number of user demographics like page views, time spent on pages and keywords used. On the other hand, Quantcast will provide demographics on user’s locations.
With these running, you can now go to step two, where you need to optimize your site for increased traffic. Note: optimization is a continuous process that utilizes both on page and off page strategies. Optimization, which is commonly referred as SEO will promote your site visibility in search engines. The industry standard is Google-targeted SEO strategies. The primary principal in SEO is proper use of HTML and use of keyword with high traffic but low competition.

Google Analytics

The third step is effective writing. This requires you build content that will draw your targeted customers. For this to work, you need content with catchy titles, and engagement to increase on sharing.
With the right traffic, you can now adopt the monetization strategies. The most common are Google Adsense and pay per click (PPC). Are these strategies best for your site? It depends on the amount of traffic to your website. If you receive around 200,000 visitors per month, then you are good to go with these programs.
The other monetization strategy you may want to try is selling ad space. If your site is doing well, marketers will love to advertise on your site. This space is sold in terms of CPM, although some might blend CPM with PPC and CPA. It is the responsibility of you the site owner to discern which program work best for your site or in increased income generation. You can then get to continue enjoying the benefits.
The above are not the only strategies and programs you can use to monetize your site. Search around for more lucrative programs that will earn you more; it is your prime objective.


Top 10 Social media accounts tools to improve your business

For every person in any form of business the objective is to increase profits, right? Well, there are several strategies to do this and one of them is to use social media. Social media has grown to become an indispensable aspect of today’s life. For a business, the social platform presents a wealth of potential customers that no business owner can overlook. What are the various social media accounts a businessperson should have?

Social media heart

The first is Tweetdeck. This tool makes use of twitter and Facebook, the two main social platforms. What does Tweetdeck bring for your business? It extends its functionality for twitter’s casual and business users. A comprehensive management tool allows a business owner to schedule tweets, monitor a number of twitter and Facebook accounts, and view profiles to understand their clients and customers.

The second is Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a popular tool that utilizes a number of social platforms. It makes the management of social media effective and easy, saving time for a business owner. So, if you have an account with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+…etc, Hootsuite will help you manage them simultaneously. In addition, the tool can obtain analytic reports on the social media effort.

Third is Followerwonk. This tool is limited to twitter and with an account at Followerwonk, you are able to view the behavior of your followers. Remember, the demographics of a follow are important in offering satisfactory services, which every business seeks to achieve.

Fourth is Tweetreach. An account with Tweetreach allows you to measure the impressions a given tweet has made. If you are planning to release a new item in your business, a tweet on the same and analyzed with Tweetreach will give you a peek of the expectations.

Fifth is social Crawlytics. This tool utilizes various platforms and I like referring to is as the spy. Why? It allows you to gain insights on your competitor’s activity on social media. You can then design social media campaigns to beat them or as needed.

Sixth is Socialmention. This tool utilizes various platforms and to you businesses, it will allow you establish what people are saying about your business or other products. It relies on the user-generated comments on a conversation.

Seventh is Topsy. Topsy uses a number of social platforms including Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Googleplus+, Pinterest…etc. This tool will give you real-time results of social media activity on a given query. You can therefore track you customers, brands, business and the target community.

Eight is Facebook Insights. It is limited to Facebook and you will be able to view the performance of your business Facebook page so long as you have 30 likes on it.

Ninth is Google analytics social reports. This tool integrates with websites and it will provide real-time reports on the activities concerning your businesses.

Finally yet importantly is twitter advanced search. It is limited to twitter and it will allow you determine coinsurer responses to your brand. You can therefore determine the best management strategies.

Social media popularity

In fact, you don’t need all these tools, once you have signed up for the various social platforms, you need an account in one of these tools so long as it will give your what you looking for.